dimanche 10 juillet 2011

Hey Blogger.

Not posted for a whilst.

Waddup big shit. I'm full blown bulimic, have my 'anorexic' (less than 200 cal ) days.

I weigh 46 kg, bitches. My bmi is unhealthy and my doctor and parents are worried.

Oh, and i fucking cut now. That's new. So basically, i haven't weighed this much since i was fucking twelve, yet i feel extroadinarily fat.
Fat stomach.
Love handles.
Wobbly thighs.

withhhh scars to match my arms. Wooh. SEXY OR WHAT?

New ugw, 45 kgs. Which is hard seing lately i b/p on EVERYFUCKINGTHING.
Oh, and my big sister is back from university. She use to be fat. and now , she's supermodel ish. LOVEMYLIFETOBITS.